Gidi Farhi, musician and composer

Gidi Farhi is an Israeli-born String Instrumentalist and occasional singer. He picked up the Guitar when he was 12 and Bass at 13. He Studied Double Bass at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem and went on studying Sitar in Varanasi. On 2006 moved to Berlin where he lives today. For many years was active in the Folk music, Country, Blue-Grass, Oriental Music. Today primarily interested in Free-composing and in what he refers to as the 'Inner Dance' within the music. 

Gidi is a member of the Live-Composing Trio Genes, which released its debut Album "Presents of Presence" on 2020, of the Minimal Utopia Orkestra and of the Berliner Orient Ensemble.

On 2022 Gidi released his Album "Hey Yaldati" with Nishad Pandey.

Gidi is one of the founding members of the music production studios Hochspannung Studios, along with Nishad Pandey and Alexander Folonari.

 Photo by Yasmin Beyaz